Vitafoods Asia 2022, booth AE67: Euromed presents a selection of multifunctional botanical extracts to promote wellbeing and beauty

Mollet del Vallès (Spain), September 2022: At Vitafoods Asia 2022, Euromed will showcase its range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™ created with the company’s unique, patent-pending Pure-Hydro Process®, and including evidence-based botanical ingredients to maintain good health. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet and its plantbased approach, these natural, high-purity botanical extracts provide bioavailable phytochemicals widely considered to be major contributors to the holistic benefits of such a diet, from cardiovascular health to beauty from within.  

The prebiotic and antioxidant properties of the polyphenols are recognised for the major role they play in the overall health properties of the Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by a large intake of fruit, vegetables and olive oil. These benefits are well documented in pomegranates, olives, artichokes, figs, spinach, lemons and cucumbers, all of which are raw materials for the Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts included in Euromed's extensive range of premium quality botanicals.

 All Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts are produced using the eco-friendly PureHydroProcess® technology, and are suitable for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, foods, beverages, nutricosmetics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

The Pomegranate fruit extract Pomanox® is made from pomegranates cultivated in the Mediterranean region of Spain through sustainable farming, with strict quality controls from the selected raw materials to the patented extract. Several studies support its nutraceutical, health-promoting properties – from skin protection to cardiovascular health, cognitive performance and sports nutrition. 

Mediteanox® is an olive fruit extract standardized in hydroxytyrosol (HT), one of nature´s most powerful antioxidants. This polyphenol gives olive oil, well-known food of the Mediterranean diet, its EFSA-confirmed properties that protect blood lipids from oxidative damage. By preventing oxidation of LDL and consequent accumulation in arteries, olive polyphenols can slow or prevent atherosclerosis. Lipid oxidation is also observed in human skin and leads to issues such as photoageing, therefore HT is also considered beneficial for skin health and beauty. Based on a standardized content of HT, Mediteanox® delivers HT antioxidant properties in practical and patented formats, supported by in vitro, animal and clinical data. 

Further opportunities offer ABAlife® and Cynamed®.  ABAlife® is a patented fig fruit extract standardized in abscisic acid (ABA). Small amounts of the extract (100mg and 200mg) have been shown to lower post-prandial blood glucose and insulin levels, and significantly lower the Glycemic Index (GI) of glucose, suggesting it may have metabolic benefits and even protect skin from the detrimental effects of Glycation End Products (AGEs). 

Cynamed®, an artichoke bud (edible part) extract, combines standardized amounts of inulin and polyphenols in one product. The extract has been shown to have bifidogenic prebiotic effects, that may support digestive care and improve gut and microbiome health, as well as skin health, as there is an established link between microbial dysbiosis and skin conditions.

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing at Euromed, explains: “The link between foods, health and physical appearance is increasingly evident: poor eating habits can promote an age-related decline in tissue function and progressive deterioration across multiple organ systems, with concomitant cosmetic issues.” 

At Vitafoods Asia, Zangara will give a presentation (on October 06 at 2 p.m. on the main stage) on the benefits of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™ for wellness and beauty from within. He will outline the interplay between diet, wellness and skin health, and focus on how standardized extracts from botanical components of the Mediterranean diet may offer healthpromoting and rejuvenating effects.


Founded in 1971 by the German pharmaceutical company MADAUS, EUROMED S.A. is a vertically integrated leading producer of standardised botanical extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries to support health and well-being with plant-based solutions.

Annually, a biomass of more than 5000 tonnes is extracted at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona) and Molina de Segura (Murcia), Spain. The production plant in Murcia further expands EUROMED’s capabilities with eco-friendly technologies that use a sophisticated waterbased extraction method, the Pure-Hydro Process®.

All extracts comply with worldwide GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) norms, international pharmacopoeias and regulations. EUROMED has a long history of expertise in research and development, laboratory analyses and extraction technologies, and is committed to the highest quality standards in terms of analytics, chemistry and evidence-based therapeutics. This experience is now available to the rapidly expanding global nutraceutical market, which is increasingly seeking pharmaceutical-grade, evidence-based and trusted botanical solutions that support health.