Established in 1971, Euromed today extracts more than 5,000 tons of biomass annually at two production plants in Spain, complying with pharmacopoeias and the highest international regulatory standards.

In 2004, Euromed established a processing and procurement facility for saw palmetto berries in central Florida, USA with the aim of controlling the entire process from picking to shipping to the manufacturing plant in Barcelona, by ensuring full traceability from the raw material to the final extract. The fruit is dried within 48 hours after harvest to ensure an optimal phytochemical profile and the superior quality of Euromed’s saw palmetto extract, which is the result of decades of research to help support prostate health.

Each production batch, from the herb to the final extract, undergoes multiple laboratory tests for identity, potency and quality, a process certified by PhytoProof®, Euromed’s seal of quality. PhytoProof® extracts are highly bioavailable and provide tangible, reproducible results in clinical testing and are in line with consumer expectations.

In 2018, Euromed inaugurated its new Research and Innovation Center in Barcelona with the aim of strengthening its established leadership position in the production of the highest quality herbal extracts using state-of-the-art technologies. This commitment to quality includes the research as well for more sustainable and cleaner extraction methods and the development of further innovative herbal extract solutions. This major investment was not only associated with significant investments in technology, but also in additional qualified experienced personnel.

The newest production facility in Murcia, Spain, was acquired from Probelte Biotechnologies in 2017, expanding Euromed's capabilities with environmentally friendly technologies such as the Pure-Hydro Process®, a proprietary extraction technology using only ultra-pure water. This production facility is mainly dedicated to Euromed's line of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts and supports our philosophy of sustainability by extracting fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranean region, which are grown and harvested in a sustainable manner close to the production site, thus reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Five decades of experience are available to the global health ingredients industry that strives for consistent standardisation of every production batch, full traceability, identity, purity, safety and evidence-based efficacy.

Commitment to environmental sustainability is one of the core values at Euromed and part of the company's DNA. The Barcelona and Murcia extraction facility are the recipients of seven industrial certifications, including ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability. This is verification of responsible industrial practices such as recycling botanical waste for compost, animal feed or use in fabric dyes and employment of facility wastewater treatment before being released into the municipal system.