Alland & Robert, the international gum Acacia expert, will present its full Acacia Fibre range at HI Europe, the world’s leading health and natural food ingredients event organised in Frankfurt from 29 November to 1 December 2016. To meet all public and industry expectations Alland & Robert’s variety of Acacia Fibres includes organic references: Seyal grade, Acacia Fiber 339 Organic, and Senegal grade, Acacia Fiber 399 Organic. These references have been specifically developed to serve the growing demand for organic products in mature markets such as Europe and North America. To ensure full traceability of the gum, Alland & Robert is not only organic certified for its manufacturing process, but is only working with African suppliers who deliver organic raw materials certified by local accredited organisms.

As a natural, allergen and GMO free food additive, Gum Acacia offers a high safety level to the food and beverage industry. Alland & Robert also guarantees a minimum fiber content of 90% for all products of the Acacia Fibre range that can be added to any product formulation to increase the percentage of fibre.

Acacia Fiber is odourless, tasteless and colorless and is highly soluble in water. It does not present usual disadvantages of other common fibres used in the food industry which include discomfort, side effects, unnatural synthetic additive and viscosity addition to the end product. Resistant to acidity and heat, it can undergo highly complex preparation methods and its PH is compatible with milk proteins. It can be added to any product formulation to increase the percentage of fibre including in bakery products, dairy products, beverages, nutritional products and meat. By presenting a low calorific value, Acacia Fibres are also ideal for use in dietary and other health products.

To respond to the needs of all clients, Alland & Robert’s Acacia Fibre range is also certified halal and kosher and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

"While consumers’ interest for dietary food and nutrition is increasing worldwide, the food and beverage industry faces a new challenge and needs to adapt by offering healthier and safe products to their customers. As such, Acacia Fibres are a real asset for these companies and, as an International expert of Gum Acacia, Alland & Robert accompanies them all along the process," comments Frédéric Alland, CEO of Alland & Robert. "From formulation to manufacturing, our research and development team is dedicated to partner with our client and help them, thanks to their in depth expertise, develop the best product both in terms of taste and safety".

Harvested in the African Sahel, acacia fibre is an extremely safe food additive that comes from an exudation from Acacia. Alland & Robert is committed to the naturalness of the product and makes the most of its advantageous qualities while carrying out strict controls with suppliers throughout the production process and ensuring good working conditions for harvesters. This same level of control is also applied at the company factories. Acacia fibres remain additive-free from harvest to sale.

The Alland & Robert teams will be presenting the Acacia Fibres range and its various advantages at the HI Europe trade show in Frankfurt – Hall 3, stand F34.