In order to meet the needs of the agri-food industry, international expert in Gum Acacia Alland & Robert developed its latest reference Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i, dedicated to the encapsulation of flavours, oleoresins or colours in powder form.

Encapsulation is an essential and commonly used process in the agricultural industry. Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i is particularly effective for essential oils, sensitive and volatile compounds, and it provides excellent protection against oxidation. Studies completed by Alland & Robert shown that Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i offers more effective stabilisation of oil in water emulsion for longer periods of time, compared to other seyal Gum Acacia products. It therefore offers the best protection against external conditions, including light and oxygen, to avoid aroma deterioration.

"Poor quality encapsulation can have a significant impact on the quality of the final product due to reduction of aromatic strength, a change in flavour and oxidation" comments Frédéric Alland, CEO of Alland & Robert. "Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i was developed following extensive research into different aspects of encapsulation, and for companies in this sector this product presents an option which, as well as being a natural product, is more practical and effective, and which guarantees the aroma quality of their products."

During spray drying operations, Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 338i will also allow food technologists to use less powder while maintaining the same oil percentage in their formulations. Increasing the oil load provides manufacturers with economic savings as there is less water to be evaporated.

Harvested in Africa’s Sahel region, Gum Acacia is 100% natural, as it is derived from the gum exudation of the Acacia tree. Odourless, colourless, tasteless and extremely soluble in water, Gum Acacia is very low in calories, and guaranteed to be allergy free, GMO free and pesticide free. Certified organic, halal and kosher, Gum Acacia is perfectly suited for use in food products, including those for vegetarian and vegan diets.