US-based cultivated meat, poultry and seafood company UPSIDE Foods announced that its cultivated chicken has received label approval from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

With the approval, UPSIDE Foods is now working with USDA to obtain a grant of inspection (GOI) for its engineering, production, and innovation centre (EPIC) in California, US.

It will help to secure the pre-market regulatory process before the company can commercially manufacture and sell its cultivated chicken in the US.

UPSIDE Foods said that the label uses the term cell-cultivated chicken and its chicken is subject to the same labelling requirements. It also became the second firm in the US to get that approval.

The company has shown full compliance with all pre-market requirements for labelling and can start commercial production and sales after receiving GOI from USDA.

The meat producer plans to display the USDA mark of inspection on the packaging if it passes the process.

UPSIDE Foods CEO and founder Uma Valeti said: “The USDA’s approval of our label marks a major step forward towards our goal of creating a more humane and sustainable food system.

“We’re excited to continue working with the USDA to achieve our next milestone: a Grant of Inspection (GOI) for our facility.

“Obtaining the USDA’s GOI will clear the way for commercial production and sales and allow us to bring our delicious UPSIDE chicken to consumers for the first time.”

UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken will be launched in limited quantities via a few restaurant partners after completing the final regulatory phase. It will start with three Michelin-star Chef Dominique Crenn’s Bar Crenn in San Francisco, US.

This announcement follows several achievements of the company including the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cultivated meat in 2022.

Additionally, UPSIDE will keep working with the FDA and USDA to sell its upcoming consumer products like sausages, nuggets, and dumplings.