There’s a new kid on the block and it lives up to the hype. Meet Violife®’s 100% dairy free Creamy Block, the first-ever dairy free cream cheese block to be sold in Canada. The new Creamy Block can be whipped, spread and even baked, meaning Canadians can finally indulge in their favourite cream cheese recipes without the dairy. Creamy Block is currently available at retailers across the country, including Save-On-Foods and Longo’s, and will continue to be rolled out throughout the summer across select Loblaws banner stores.

“Cream cheese has made its way into so many dishes that Canadians know and love – baked into cheesecake, schmeared on Montréal-style bagels, and even rolled into sushi – and our new Creamy Block is dropping the mic to a perfect dairy free alternative to cream cheese for your timeless recipes,” says Meryem Leyoussi, Commercial & Brand Lead, Violife Canada. “The new Creamy Block has the craveable richness and tang of traditional cream cheese, and a velvety, smooth mouthfeel but no dairy. We can’t wait for Canadians to unlock all of Creamy Block’s delicious possibilities, whether it’s roasted into a creamy pasta bake or whipped into delicious savoury dips for barbecues and picnics.” Bake it, spread it, or whip it, there’s no denying Creamy Block’s irresistible taste and all of the ways you can enjoy this dairy free trailblazer.

The new Creamy Block joins Violife’s portfolio of best-selling Mature Cheddar Style Slices, Cheddar Style Shreds, Mozzarella Style Shreds, Smoked Provolone Style Slices, and Feta Style dairy free offerings, which are each known to be as delicious as they are versatile. Violife has created products that take culinary creations to the next level and that everyone at the table can enjoy, no matter dietary or lifestyle choices.