Specialty ingredients provider Lygos and cannabinoid-based health and wellness firm Open Book Extracts (OBX) have partnered to jointly develop nutraceutical supplement products containing cannabigerol (CBG).

Under the partnership, OBX and Lygos are expected to combine their technologies to produce cannabinoid and cannabinoid-based products at industrial scale, for sale in various consumer markets.

The partnership is expected to incorporate CBG produced by Lygos into the new nutraceutical supplement products to address the growing demand for cannabinoid-enabled benefits.

In addition to the CBG induced nutraceutical products, the companies intend to produce other cannabinoids that occur naturally in low concentrations, with high therapeutic potential.

Lygos CEO Eric Steen said: “Together with OBX, we are poised to transform the traditional nutraceutical market with these new, next-generation CBG-based supplements.

“Our modular production platform enables us to produce a wide range of cannabinoids for different applications. We will continue to join forces with industry leaders, such as OBX, that are known for delivering high-quality consumer products.”

Lygos created biological engineering platform for cannabinoids and bio-monomers

Lygos claimed that the CBG it produces was selected since it is pure, THC-free and environmentally sustainable. Its cannabinoid production platform was developed after acquiring Librede, along with integration and validation of additional technologies.

The company has developed a complete-range of biological engineering platform, focused on organic acid-based specialty ingredients, along with health and wellness ingredients including cannabinoids and bio-monomers.

Open Book Extracts is a cGMP-certified manufacturer of premium plant-based cannabinoid products, through its advanced extraction campus located near North Carolina’s Research Triangle.

At the facility, the company deploys refinement and conversion methods powered by a growing IP portfolio and a team of PhD chemists and experienced business leaders.

Open Book Extracts CEO Dave Neundorfer said: “We are excited to work with Lygos and leverage its proprietary cannabinoid production platform to make a line of innovative consumer products.

“OBX and Lygos share a vision of creating the most consistent, pure and safe cannabinoid products on the market. Lygos’ production technology now gives us access to any cannabinoid, even rare cannabinoids, which will enable us to enter new markets with high-quality products in the future.”