US-based health and wellness products retailer iHerb has teamed up with The Vitamin Shoppe to distribute the latter’s portfolio of brands to consumers worldwide.

Under the partnership, iHerb will distribute The Vitamin Shoppe’s brands, including The Vitamin Shoppe, Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe, BodyTech, and BodyTech Elite, via its online platform.

The Vitamin Shoppe brand comprises more than 800 vitamins, minerals, and supplements, while Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe features research-backed, solution-based products.

BodyTech brand comprises a wide range of tested, quality sports nutrition supplements designed to help customers achieve their fitness goals.

BodyTech Elite is created to deliver advanced, higher potency, sports nutrition formulas for high-achieving athletes.

iHerb said that each product from The Vitamin Shoppe’s family of brands is passed through 320 stringent quality assurance steps.

The purity and potency of The Vitamin Shoppe’s ingredients are verified by independent, third-party labs, and all the products meet industry quality standards, said the US retailer.

The Vitamin Shoppe president Muriel Gonzalez said: “At The Vitamin Shoppe, we believe everyone is deserving of good health, so we’re especially pleased to now offer our high-quality supplements and advanced sports nutrition formulas to millions of new consumers in markets around the world, via the global reach of iHerb.

“Our collection of exclusive brands and products are consistently top sellers across our U.S. business, due to their trusted quality, innovation, and value.

“We look forward to bringing those industry-leading standards to our partnership with iHerb and its extensive international customer base.”

iHerb delivers more than 50,000 products from under 1,800 brands, from supplements to skincare to grocery items, to more than 180 countries.

Currently, the e-commerce company offers more than 250 products from The Vitamin Shoppe, with hundreds more planned to be released in the coming months.

iHerb will use its broad logistics network to directly ship every product to customers from its GMP or ISO-compliant climate-controlled distribution centres throughout the US and Asia.

The company said that each of its facilities is temperature controlled, maintained between 74-75 degrees Fahrenheit, to protect products from extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

iHerb merchandising SVP Lindsey Wiefels said: “Since its founding, iHerb has been providing customers across the globe with authentic products from trusted, reliable, and revered brands.

“We are proud to welcome The Vitamin Shoppe’s proprietary brands to our site, further enriching our diverse product offerings.

“Our collaboration and partnership enable us to fulfill our mission of providing customers worldwide access to the highest quality health and wellness products.

“Together with The Vitamin Shoppe, we look forward to empowering individuals to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being.”