iHerb, a US-based retailer of health and wellness products, has introduced three new supplements specifically designed to support individuals using semaglutide (GLP-1 agonists).

The three new products are CollagenUP Plus, Berberine Advanced, and Digestion Pro.

They are intended to address common side effects of semaglutide, such as digestive issues, nausea and pain, loss of muscle mass and skin elasticity, and fluctuating blood sugar.

iHerb is offering three new GLP-1 support products under its California Gold Nutrition brand of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

The products, formulated using premium ingredients, do not require a prescription and are safe for individuals who are not planning to take GLP-1 therapy, said the company.

iHerb Global Advisor and Stakeholder Mehmet Oz said: “Incorporating GLP-1 support products into daily routines can enhance one’s health and wellness journey by making the side effects from treatment more manageable.

“We take great pride in knowing that these scientifically-backed offerings will allow people to live more comfortably, take the guesswork out of daily metabolic health, and ensure they stick to their treatment plan to achieve their desired results.”

iHerb Chief Scientific Advisor Michael Murray said: “Our goal was to create products that addressed the side effects of GLP-1 head-on, from improved digestive function to enhanced metabolism and blood sugar support and better-retained muscle mass.”

iHerb said the new CollagenUP Plus product is designed to prevent muscle loss, regulate blood sugar levels, and minimise nausea and bloating.

It contains hydrolysed marine collagen that helps keep skin firm, a prebiotic fibre blend to further promote digestive health, and essential amino acids to support muscle health.

Berberine Advanced features Berbevis, a proven phytosome formulation that supports healthy body composition and blood sugar levels and has a positive effect on body composition.

In addition to metabolic support, the product also supports heart health, helps in weight management, and contributes to overall gut health.

Digestion Pro features Prodigest, a patented plant-based blend to optimise digestive function, and it protects from potential side effects of GLP-1 agonists, such as bloating, nausea and stomach pain.

iHerb CEO Emun Zabihi said: “After months of preparation, we are proud to introduce our new California Gold Nutrition supplements specifically formulated to mitigate the adverse effects of GLP-1 therapy.

“Collaborating with esteemed health experts Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Michael Murray, we have developed products that enhance overall well-being and demonstrate our dedication to addressing our customers’ needs.

“As a trusted retailer with a portfolio of over 50,000 health and wellness products, we remain committed to providing affordable, convenient solutions that empower our customers to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.”