US-based food manufacturer 1440 Foods has introduced its new All in One Protein Powder, under its protein bar brand Pure Protein, a part of its sports and active nutrition portfolio.

The new product is available for purchase in stores and online, and features a unique blend of Whey protein, collagen, fibre and more.

It is offered in two flavours, Creamy Vanilla and Rich Chocolate, and simplifies the consumers’ daily nutrition with a single scoop, said the US food manufacturer.

1440 Foods regulatory and nutrition scientific affairs manager and registered dietitian Joe Stanzione said: “Common supplement routines involve multiple products which can be very costly to maintain, and very few protein powders are appetizing or offer additional nutrients required to meet one’s recommended daily nutrient intake.

“In our recent consumer survey conducted in partnership with Harris Poll, we found that 85% of Americans would use an “all in one” to replace or add to their current routine, so our latest Pure Protein formulation is giving consumers something we know they want and need to support their daily wellness and weight management goals.”

According to the company, GLP-1 injectables and similar medications are widely used for appetite suppression and weight loss.

However, people taking those medications often lack essential nutrients from their diet.

The company said that its All In One Protein Powder provides an affordable option, comprising 25g of protein, 10g of collagen, 6g of fibre and 14 vitamins and minerals per serving.

All In One is a convenient and affordable option that can address the side effects of nutrient deficiency in some users due to the GLP-1 medications.

Building on its unique blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the protein powder supports immunity, skin, joint and bone health, energy metabolism, and digestive function.

In addition, the product also promotes building and maintaining lean muscle, which is critical for people experiencing rapid weight loss, said the food manufacturer.

Nutrition expert Toby Amidor said: “With 80% of consumers using vitamins or supplements to support their wellness, the cost of everything they buy can get expensive.

“Not only is an all-on-one powder like Pure Protein cost-effective, but the 25 grams of protein and fibre can help you feel fuller for longer, which helps minimize snacking between meals and last-minute unhealthy choices.”

Pure Protein brand director Alex Fishman said: “As the dietary supplement market in the US becomes increasingly more congested and expensive, users and especially those taking GLP-1 medications are seeking simplified, yet effective solutions.

“Pure Protein is proud to be a leading and trusted innovator of nutrient-dense protein products, and to offer our customers a new formula that makes complete nutrition easy.”