GenoPalate, an American nutrigenomic platform, has announced the introduction of GenoBlend, a new plant-based protein and fibre powder.

GenoBlend is customised based on the unique genetic nutritional needs of each individual, said the company.

It further said that the new product marks a significant advancement in personalised nutrition, leveraging recent developments in nutritional genetics.

GenoPalate CEO Asif Naseem said: “Personalised nutrition is the future of wellness.

“With GenoBlend, we`re providing a product that is high in quality and also tailored to the genetic makeup of each customer, ensuring they receive the optimal blend of nutrients required by their bodies.”

GenoBlend is formulated with premium ingredients such as organic pea protein, organic citrus fiber, organic brown rice protein, and oat fiber, to offer a customised approach to dietary supplements.

By analysing an individual’s genetic profile, GenoBlend optimises the intake of protein and fibre with an aim to enhance digestive health, aid in weight management, and boost energy levels.

This personalised supplement is designed to be easily integrated into any diet and is said to be particularly beneficial for those looking to maximise wellness based on their unique genetic insights.

Each serving of GenoBlend is claimed to provide a rich source of essential plant-based proteins and fibers, promoting a balanced diet.

According to GenoPalate, its commitment to using organic and all-natural ingredients ensures a product free from additives and preservatives, aligning with the growing consumer demand for pure and effective nutritional solutions.

Additionally, GenoPalate utilises genetic, phenotypic, and behavioural data to generate personalised essential nutrition reports for its customers. This helps the firm to understand their specific nutritional needs.

Datassential registered dietitian Marie Molde said: “Today`s consumers are convenience-oriented and time-strapped so, a solution like this that provides the exact nutrients our body needs in one, customised supplement uniquely addresses both aspects and offers a future where everyone can work toward optimal wellness through truly personalised solutions.”

In January 2024, GenoPalate expanded its footprint by partnering with Earth Fare to integrate its personalised nutrition solutions into the grocery retail industry.