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Products / Markets

Metabolaid is a proprietary formula comprising hibiscus flower and lemon verbena leaf extracts, highly purified in polyphenolic content. The active compounds of the blend have been scientifically demonstrated to act synergistically on their functional targets. Metabolaid is the result of more than 7 years of scientific research in both animal models and clinical studies.

Zeropollution is a multi-component active ingredient based on 4 herbal extracts (lippia citriodora, olive, rosemary and sophora japonica) that act synergistically and complementarily to protect and repair the visible skin damage caused by pollution and amplified by exposure to UV.

Move!plx is a botanical extract derived from the leaves of the Lippia citriodora plant Lemon verbena has a high polyphenolic content, being verbascoside one of the most abundant. These polyphenols confer the plant the wellness properties described. In this sense, Move!PLX is obtained through a unique extraction process to concentrate the final product in verbascoside, resulting in one of the most purified forms available in the market with this plant.

Nutroxsun is a clinically proven, natural ingredient combination of Mediterranean different rosemary and grapefruit extracts, that protects, from the inside-out, the skin from sun-induced damage. Nutroxsun is a suitable complement for topical sunscreen protection. Its effect is systemic, preventing and reducing photoinduced oxidation, skin photodamage, and photoaging.

Eternalyoung is a proprietary botanical blend comprised of Cistanche sp, Centella asiatica, pomegranate fruit and Citrus aurantium fruit that has been specially designed to delay the normal skin aging process at the cellular level, targeting the origin of youth; the cell telomeres and cell senescence.      Eternalyoung slows the aging process and enhances skin longevity, leading to a more youthful, radiant, and better-looking appearance.

Relaxplx is a proprietary botanical ingredient based on lemon verbena extracts. Rich in phenylpropanoids (verbascoside) and flavones, the lemon verbena extract has been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on insomnia and anxiety symptoms. Helps cope with stress and improve mental health.