Chr Hansen, an international company focused in the production of natural ingredients for food, beverage, dietary supplements and agricultural industries, has introduced a new series of YoFlex and probiotic nu-trish cultures for Greek yoghurt.

The company’s new portfolio of seven cultures, which includes three cultures made with BB-12 probiotic strains, performs significantly well in low fat milk.

The company claims that its new series of 100% natural cultures helps in improving gut health, while allowing dairies across the world to cater to major consumer needs.

According to Chr Hansen, its new cultures helps yoghurt producers in obtaining optimal taste and texture, and are also available as probiotics.

Greek yoghurt is believed to be a good carrier of the health promoting cultures.

Chr Hansen Fermented Milk Cultures marketing manager Morten Boesen said yoghurt has become the new healthy snack and an extra advantage for the Greek style type is that it is very filling due its high protein content.

"Consumers all over the world are passionately adopting the protein-packed alternative to regular yoghurt – not surprisingly as Greek style yoghurt is both nutritious, healthy and delicious," Boesen added.

The company said that yoghurt is much more than the traditional breakfast dish today, and is high in demand across the world with global consumption surpassing 20 million tonnes a year.

Chr Hansen is a global company based in Denmark is a major supplier of food cultures, probiotics, enzymes and natural colors.

The company has recently reported a rise in its H1 2012 net profit by 19% to €56.8m, compared to €47.7m in the corresponding period of fiscal 2011.

It also noted a rise in its revenues for the period by 9% to €333m, compared to the revenues of €304m in H1 2011.

Image: Greek yoghurt is believed to be a good carrier of the health promoting cultures. Photo: Rainer Zenz