AHARA, a leader in precision nutrition and the only evidence-based, food-first nutrition plan, has launched a free version of its leading personalized nutrition plan, empowering all individuals to take control of their health. This initiative reinforces Ahara’s commitment to making customized precision nutrition preventative health plans accessible to individuals and empowering them to improve their health through a personalized food-first approach.

The Ahara Basic free plan offers users an opportunity to harness AHARA’s data-driven health insights without any financial barrier. With the Basic Plan, users can access a scientifically based questionnaire that delivers personalized information on the key nutrients their body needs and a practical way to achieve their nutrition goals without an in-person doctor visit or the large price tag attached.

“Ahara has streamlined the path to embracing a nutrition-focused lifestyle while concurrently slowing one’s biological age,” said Dr. Melina Jampolis, Co Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “The days of embarking on unconventional and extravagant health experiments are long behind us. With a quick nutritional assessment, consumers can discover the precise nutrients tailored to their body’s unique requirements, all without the necessity of an in-person doctor’s visit or exorbitant expenses.”

“Using Ahara gives each user a personalized nutrition guide that is practical and grounded in the latest science. This is a powerful tool for preventing disease and chronic illness.”  said Julie Wainwright, Co-founder and CEO. “By leveraging the power of multi-omic inputs from the health questionnaire, genetic, epigenetic and biomarker testing, Ahara fuses technology, nutritional science and data science to deliver a proprietary personalized nutrition solution like no other.”