VitaMK7, the vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 (MK7), produced naturally from the patented biofermentation process of the Bacillus subtilis natto, offers a CLEAN LABEL and an incomparable PURITY PROFILE, with a very high content of the all-trans active isomer (higher than 99%) and NO traces of unknown impurities.

Today the "clean label" is a recognisable value by the global market, linked to transparency, wholesome ingredients and a lack of artificial/added components and allergens. At the heart of the clean label is the demand to assume ingredients with real nutritional benefits, to avoid highly processed ingredients (such as those man-made and synthetic-derived), toward ingredients from natural sources.

It is almost two decades since Gnosis launched its first fermentation production of vitaMK7, by employing the Bacillus subtilis natto, following what happens in the natural environment during the production of the Japanese natto food.

Just applying the most restricted and controlled conditions to the industrial production (with NO synthetic process applied), the entire supply chain of vitaMK7 guarantees the reproducibility, the safety, the quality and clean label of many products.

If you want to discover more about the exclusive characteristics of purity and quality, in a global market where different sources coexist, go to the Gnosis website the scientific papers dedicated to the natural-derived vitaMK7 and find a way to recognise the optimal, clean labelled MK7!

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