"Whether for confectionery, bakery products, ice cream or fine food specialities – the major brand manufacturers of the food industry have been relying on milk­ based ingredients from Uelzena for decades." says Anja Brand, Product Manager Ingredients from the dairy company Uelzena and explains why Uelzena is well known as a specialist for milk based ingredients:

Milk powder – experience, quality and regional roots

Uelzena has been producing milk powders for more than 60 years. The milk comes from (member) dairies from the region (Northern Germany) and is delivered directly to the factories in Uelzen and Neumünster. This means: short transport routes and secured raw material availability. Moreover, it guarantees quality because we know precisely where our milk has been produced.

Another factor that is key for us is the constant optimisation of our milk powder range and properties including degree of denaturation, solubility, dust production, particle size and mixing behavior – this is because our customers have different individual requirements.

Whether it is in our factory in Uelzen or at our new production site in Neumünster, where we produce up to 60,000 tons of milk powder each year in one of the largest spraying towers in Europe – it is our aim to produce best product quality.

Milk Fat – we offer more than standard only

In our production plants in Uelzen and Bismark we produce butter and anhydrous milk fats for our customers from the baking and confectionery industry – standardised or tailor made.

Using a purely physical process we can separate the hard stearins from the soft/liquid oleins after which we can recombine the individual fractions into a large range of new products. This method provides for defined melting points, defined degrees of hardness or specific melting behavior – thus the production of customised milk fats.

In another very special technological process, namely deodoration, we remove cholesterol and/or the colour and typical butter flavour from the milk fat. The resulting product is ideal for the production of light crèmes, candies or filled chocolates or for further processing with nuts, brittle or flavourings where their aroma should prevail.

Warmsener Spezalitäten – Specialist for sweet condensed milk

Our subsidiary Warmsener Spezialiäten has been part of the Uelzena Group since 2006 and is incorporated in the business field Uelzena Ingredients. Like the Uelzena, it is a preferred supplier for the large brand manufacturers of the European food industry. Our manufacturing site Warmsen specializes in the production of sweetened condensed milk and type dulce de leche with various degrees of fat and dry matter content for the confectionery industry. They also provide the fine food industry with a number of cream and yoghurt products for creating dips, sauces, desserts, gourmet salads, convenience food or fresh products from here.

Milk fat processing – technology and know-how

At the three manufacturing sites Uelzen, Bismark and Warmsen, we are able to draw on expert knowledge that has developed over many years on the subject of milk fat processing as well as on an extensive technology portfolio in the field. We use these resources also as a service provider in the contract manufacture sector for the processing of and for customers’ milk­based raw materials.
The raw material of our customers is in safe hands with us as a milk specialist. The contract manufacture of butter and butterfat are part of our service package, as are the standardisation of milk and cream products and the refining treatment of milk fats. With the help of special physical technologies, we are also able to fraction the milk fat, decolourise it or withdraw the cholesterol contained upon request.