At the next edition of the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS), professor Teodoro Bottiglieri (programme director of the Center of Metabolomics at Baylor Scott & White Research Institute of Dallas) will give a presentation about the importance of SAMe, or S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (Adonat being the commercially stable form), the natural active methyl donor in cellular metabolism – good for optimising health. The event is to be held in New York between 21-23 February.

The presentation, entitled S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe): From the Bench to the Bedside, will be held during the breakfast symposia on Friday 22 February at the Clinton Suite of New York Hilton Midtown.

Silvia Pisoni, marketing manager of new company Gnosis by Lesaffre, says: "[Whoever] will attends the presentation of professor Teodoro Bottiglieri will have the outstanding opportunity to discover the role of this crucial metabolite in human life and health. Through the words of one of the world’s leading expert of this molecule, participants will be impressed… [by] the multiple possibilities of SAMe’s uses, and of the role in one-carbon metabolism."

At the end of the lecture, Bottiglieri will hand out a special book that he wrote with the sponsorship of Gnosis by Lesaffre about his research studies over the past five decades. Those results have unequivocally established the importance of SAMe in neuro, hepatic and osteo therapeutic fields.

Gnosis by Lesaffre will be happy to welcome and talk to people interested in the presentation and in the product at booth #324 of the ISH. They will give more details about this special event and the contents shared.

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