Progress Biotech is proud to announce EU approval for the use of its high DHA algal oil in Infant Formula. Following the favourable Scientific Opinion published by EFSA in October 2020 the EU published on April 26th 2021 the Regulation (EU) 2021/670 authorizing Progress Biotech to place its high DHA algal oil on the market as a novel food for Infant Formula.

Progress Biotech specialises in the production and sale of high quality DHA algal oils for use in food and dietary supplement applications from its propriety strain of Schizochytrium and has been active globally since 2014 following receipt of a  first novel food approval for the use of its algal oils in food products. This recent, expanded Infant Formula approval, is the result of the full, comprehensive novel food approval process in which EFSA specifically evaluated the use of the Progress Biotech DHA Algal oil for use in Infant Formula applications.

The Dutch biotech company located in Capelle aan den IJssel in The Netherlands produces a comprehensive range of DHA algal oil products to the highest quality standards currently available, in particular, these products have exceptional sensory and stability properties.

The company and its partners consider this EU approval confirmation and recognition of the uncompromised approach to quality and service enabling it to deliver such high quality products to the market.

The recent regulatory increase in the specified content of DHA in Infant Formulas by the EU is expected to significantly boost demand for DHA in the EU and beyond. Progress Biotech offers Infant Formula grade products both in liquid oil and powder forms.

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