Gnosis believes in promoting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle in its every shade. Following its inspiration, the company has just released a new leaflet on Sport Nutrition, one of the most promising sectors of the dietary supplement industry.

The new leaflet titled "Performing Ingredients for Active Lifestyle and Sport" presents a selected group of ingredients to support physical activity and recovery.

Whether people doing sport are a bodybuilder, a professional athlete or simply individuals liking exercising to improve body health, sports nutrition plays a key role in optimizing the beneficial effects of the training sessions. Sport supplements may help to promote adaptation to training, improve performance, prevent injuries, and can result in a more consistent and intensive workout, without altering the physiological and normal body functions. Furthermore, protecting muscles is one of the most efficient ways to fight fatigue and enhance recovery.

Gnosis offers a selected group of performing ingredients to support physical activity and recovery: Quatrefolic®, vitaMK7®, Mythocondro®, Emothion®, Adonat® and Biootic® sustain physiological functions and can be used in pre- and post-workout formulas or in multivitamins for active people.

They may also be added to products improving performance, in this way improving their features.

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