Although the origin of the raw materials is of paramount importance for the manufacture of high quality products, this factor alone is not sufficient to guide in the selection of the most reliable vitamin K2 as MK7 among all the offers available on the market.

Certainly, the production processes considered and the conduction of the supply chain are crucial to determine the final quality of the product.

The new fact sheet released by Gnosis through "vitaMagazine" focuses its attention on the importance of the Supply Chain for the development of a reliable Vitamin K2 as MK7.

"The leaflet offers the exclusive opportunity to know the history of Gnosis’ manufacturing, the proprietary strain used in the fermentation process and the step-by-step description of vitaMK7® production." said Lorena Carboni, product support specialist at Gnosis.

Today, vitaMK7® is the only European fermented vitamin K2 as MK7 of natural origin, developed exclusively by Gnosis in its European cGMP manufacturing site, where the entire supply chain is tightly controlled and carried out in compliance with the strictest quality rules.

Gnosis is the sole European supplier of vitamin K2 as MK7 that manufactures its products and sells them directly to its customers, thus being really able to guarantee safety and high quality standards to its products.

Gnosis feels so confident in its EU Supply Chain that it invite interested companies directly in its factory to monitor every step of the manufacturing process, see the operational conditions in place during production and touch quality and safety of vitaMK7® with their hands!

The vitaMagazine Fact Sheet is available to be downloaded at the following link: