Cannabigerol (CBG) is a powerful, non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid with boundless potential benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to the treatment of gastrointestinal syndromes and healthier, more radiant skin1. These characteristics are precisely why Linnea has decided to expand into the world of therapeutic Cannabis, offering a selection of ingredients that come from nature with the mission of improving people’s lives around the globe.

Linnea’s unique, full-spectrum 5% Cannabigerol in MCT oil solution is available as a standardized extract delivered as bulk food grade oil, fully complying with the brand’s elevated safety standards and strict production methods. Pharma grade will follow in 2022. The company’s close monitoring and control over the manufacturing process at its in-house GMP site ensures batch-to-batch reproducibility and elevated levels of the active ingredient, making it ideal in natural cosmetics and dietary supplements. As with all Linnea products, the new 5% CBG extract is subjected to our 7-step Quality Process, a guarantee to customers that has been kept since 1982.

Linnea has produced APIs for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetics industries for almost 40 years, having branched out into the Cannabis industry in 2014, paving the way in research at a time when it was still mostly associated with recreational uses. Linnea’s 5% CBG bulk oil is the latest addition to its robust cannabis portfolio, based on pure CBD compounds, plus extracts and a few selected ready-made forms to meet the needs of partners everywhere.

To learn more about Linnea Cannabis Therapeutic Solutions and the benefits of the new 5% CBG extract, please contact or our Sales Team: