Plan to visit Lallemand Health Solutions a pioneer in probiotic research and manufacturing at Food Ingredients China on 18 and 19 March. Join us at booth 612Q10 to see our new product range of ComboCap®’Biotics the world’s first side-by-side, dual-chamber wet-and-dry capsule with a moveable membrane that retains the integrity and efficacy of each product but provides an unlimited range of probiotic formula possibilities. Take this opportunity to speak with our product development experts to discuss the latest probiotic research and the science behind our probiotics for women’s health, sports, gut health, natural defenses, oral health, and the brain-gut axis. Learn how working with a lab to shelf, vertically integrated manufacturer can provide you with a custom scientifically developed probiotic formula to kick start your brand.

A healthy gut. Supported by science.

Children and teens encounter specific nutritional and stress challenges during their formative years which can play an impact on their gastrointestinal and immune health. Clinical studies have proven that probiotics can play a role in balancing and supporting not only their gut health but their immune and oral health. Our targeted and documented gut health B. lactis LAFTI® B94 probiotic strain for hearty kids and teens is backed by scientific research and available in custom or ready-to-market formulations and adapted delivery forms of powders, sticks, sachets, capsules or sprinkle caps forms.


Lallemand Health Solutions pioneered the first ever clinical study on the brain-gut axis which demonstrated PROBIO’STICK™ promoted a positive mood during stressful events. We further documented the specific benefits of three probiotic combinations or strains (Probio’Stick®, Lacidofil® and Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell®-71) with an exceptional track-record of publications: 17 mechanistic studies and five clinical studies, among which the first ever clinical study demonstrating the beneficial effects of a probiotic combination on psychological stress in healthy adults (Probio’Stick® in Messaoudi et al. 2010 & 2011). When it comes to the field of brain-gut axis and the impact that probiotic plays on human health, Lallemand Health Solutions is your go to resource. PROBIO’STICK® products are available in powders, sticks, sachets, capsules and chewable tablets.

Customise the probiotic right for her. Probiotics dedicated to women’s health.

Because women have specific health concerns and requirements they need to be supported with probiotic formulations right for them. Lallemand Health Solutions has a collection of 40+ scientifically substantiated Rosell®, LAFTI® or Harmonium probiotic strains to help food supplement providers design the perfect customised blend for women’s health needs including immunity, stress, digestive well-being, intimate health, and oral health. Women’s health products are available in powders, capsules, enteric-coated capsules, acid-resistant capsules, sprinkle capsules and chewable tablets.