Lallemand Health Solutions, a pioneer in probiotic solutions and ComboCap® Inc., the creators of the new global ComboCap product category, are excited to announce their long-term exclusive partnership and licence agreement for the co-development of unique side-by-side dual-chamber wet-and-dry probiotic ComboCap products.

This new partnership will allow for the conception of first-to-market solutions for unlimited oral wet-and-dry probiotic combinations previously unavailable because of ingredient incompatibility. This technology allows for greater product stability and the creation of entirely new possibilities for dual-dose combinations. It works by inserting a membrane into a regular capsule so that the capsule can carry two components together-but-separate. This new separated probiotics products category is an ideal choice for the creation of new exciting and effective product extensions and brand ranges. We also believe this new solution will allow for a broader nutritional offering to consumers which means a more significant potential for better long term results, improved compliance, and the creation of unique products.

The key benefits of probiotic ComboCap products containing clinically documented Harmonium, Lafti® or Rosell® probiotic strains from Lallemand Health Solutions are:

  • an unlimited efficacy of potential dual-dose combinations, including probiotic strains + liquids or pastes such as omega oils, CBD oils, botanical extracts
  • a large chamber size and sealed in liquids
  • a moveable membrane to control and vary dosing.

This new product category offering will allow companies to bring added convenience and value to their product lines by creating a range of products that are unique, have high visual appeal, and are simple for consumers to use.

"We are incredibly proud to be ComboCap’s new strategic partner. This is a new step for us as an innovative health-centric organisation to research further, develop and create new custom ready-to-market probiotic solutions that positively impact human health," said Jérôme Panes, president and general manager of Lallemand Health Solutions.

"We’re very excited to be partnering with the excellent team at Lallemand to grow probiotic ComboCap products globally in this newly formed combinations health products category. We look forward to working together to expand new brand and consumer frontiers for the industry in general and our customer," said Tobie Louw, CEO of ComboCap.

For more information on this exciting new product offering, please contact Isabelle Champié, Lallemand sales and marketing director, at