To cater for the increasing consumer demand for gluten-free baked goods, ingredient solutions provider, Ingredion, has extended its range of speciality ingredients for gluten-free baking with the launch of PRECISA® Bake GF texturising system. This highly functional gluten-free texturising system consists of three components, perfectly balanced to enable manufacturers to optimise the texture of their products.

PRECISA Bake GF can be used as the main component in recipes to replace wheat flour whilst maintaining the product’s texture and quality. Labelled as modified tapioca starch, maize starch and potato starch, the gluten-free starch system is ideal for manufacturers looking to create soft and resilient gluten-free baked goods such as sandwich breads, buns, muffins and cakes.

Cathrin Kurz, marketing manager, Bakery at Ingredion Europe, commented: "Over the last year the range of free from products on the market has risen dramatically. As many as 65% of consumers who adopt a gluten-free diet do so because they think it’s healthier(*). In addition to this the number of diagnosed coeliacs is steadily increasing. As consumer demand continues to rise, manufacturers and retailers are under increasing pressure to bring high quality differentiated gluten-free products to market.

"But the removal of gluten from baked goods poses a particular challenge as it’s the ingredient that gives baked goods their resilience. The new PRECISA Bake GF, however, can help manufacturers find the balance between cost and speed to market, but without having to sacrifice taste or texture."

PRECISA Bake GF from Ingredion aims to enable manufacturers to eliminate the need for multiple components by replacing them with one bulk ingredient system. This helps reduce the storage requirements of other ingredients and also alleviates the need to find the right balance between other raw materials. According to tests carried out by Ingredion, the new texturising system gives superior quality and performance and can create gluten-free products that are comparable to their gluten-containing counterparts, whilst also extending their shelf-life.

"Our dedicated bakery team have already developed a range of recipes using PRECISA Bake GF with tests on toast bread delivering softer and more resilient crumb, and a much improved texture stability over shelf-life than commonly used flours and starches. We believe that using PRECISA Bake GF should enable manufacturers to more easily and quickly get new gluten-free products onto retail shelves, whilst maintain the end user’s eating experience."