The Ingredion Group of companies has launched the first clean label starch solution that uniquely combines instant viscosity with high freeze/thaw stability.

NOVATION PRIMA® 340 functional native starch can be used in foods such as quiches, cheesecakes and instant mayonnaises or dressings to keep their indulgent texture whilst undergoing extended ambient, refrigerated or frozen storage.

NOVATION PRIMA 340 is a gluten-free solution suitable for colour and flavour sensitive applications. The ingredient solution can be simply labelled as ‘starch’, ‘maize starch’, ‘corn starch’ or ‘corn flour’ in the UK, in line with consumer preferences.

Cathrin Kurz, Marketing Manager Wholesome and Bakery, Europe commented, "Today’s consumers are increasingly time poor so they are turning to pre-prepared foods, but still with one eye on the ingredients list. Our latest consumer study* showed that consumers are increasingly scrutinising product labels looking for natural, recognisable ingredients which makes the manufacturers ingredient choice critical.

"Existing instant functional native starch solutions were not able to offer the freeze/thaw stability which is important to retailers and end-consumers. Following nearly two years of research and development across the globe, we have developed the first pre-gelatinised starch which has been proven to maintain or even improve the indulgent mouthfeel and with a high process tolerance.

"With over 20 years’ experience in clean label innovations, our team of culinologists and technical experts are on hand to help manufacturers switch easily from a modified to a clean label starch solution. From recipe reformulations to processing advice, we have the right balance of skills and food loving culture to ensure the end product meets the same high standards consumers have come to expect."

Developed and tested over a two year period at Ingredion Idea LABS innovation centres across Europe and the US, the new NOVATION PRIMA 340 starch is easy to use as it requires no pre-cooking, and thus reduces processing requirements. At the same time it gives the freeze/thaw stability that was previously not available and thus allows manufacturers to produce in advance or store products for longer without compromising on the final eating experience of their products. It is the latest addition to Ingredion’s functional native starch portfolio which includes more than 25 clean label starches to deliver superior functionality and performance with an additive-free positioning.