The Ingredion group of companies is launching NOVATION® Indulge 1720 functional native starch, the latest product in the pioneering NOVATION Indulge range in EMEA. A clean label co-texturiser, NOVATION Indulge 1720 allows dairy manufacturers to deliver thick and creamy – yet cost-effective – indulgent yoghurt products, with a sought-after additive-free positioning. This makes the product perfect for the yoghurt market, including Greek-style products which have become increasingly popular in Europe.

NOVATION Indulge 1720 replaces protein to lower overall ingredient costs, while delivering premium indulgent yoghurt products. Ingredion’s latest development is in line with clean label trends. Labelled simply as a ‘starch’ in the EU, NOVATION Indulge 1720 can also substitute gelatine in formulations for that all-important clean label positioning. This enables manufacturers to differentiate their products in a busy market. Ingredion’s latest innovation is easy-to-use thanks to its excellent process tolerance, and offers a clean taste profile. NOVATION Indulge 1720 also boasts high efficiency at low usage levels.

Mona Rademacher, dairy marketing manager at Ingredion Germany GmbH comments, "Greek-style yoghurt is a huge trend in EMEA right now, with the number of product launches growing 921% in the last five years. Consumers want additive-free yoghurt products that still deliver a satisfying thick and creamy texture. With NOVATION Indulge 1720, dairy manufacturers can now formulate yoghurts that offer a clean label, without compromising on that all-important indulgent texture. NOVATION Indulge 1720 also offers cost benefits, allowing the creation of a premium product at an affordable price to the consumer."

NOVATION Indulge 1720 is the latest addition to Ingredion’s functional native portfolio, which includes more than 25 clean label starches to deliver superior functionality and performance with an additive-free positioning. Ingredion has been actively involved in the clean label trend since its inception over twenty years ago and its reformulation expertise can save manufacturers time and money when looking to produce high quality products.

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