Aware of the importance of providing appropriate strategies and proposals for the innovative use of its products, Gnosis’ marketing team integrates a variety of services to its partners and customers, and runs close to them providing original ideas and alternatives, to build new opportunities, discover new applications and ingredient associations, and create new products – in line with trends of consumption and market needs – that can become blockbusters in their countries.

Lorena Carboni said: "Although SAMe entered the nutritional market several decades ago, with great interest by consumers and a well-established market share, it is amazing that there is so much to discover about its widely beneficial effects on human health. Adonat®, Gnosis’ branded SAMe, is the undisputable best product on the market, and we are proud to contribute to promote its consumption in global markets."

Working in partnership with nutraceutical players is steady part of Gnosis’ commitment to a more responsible, aware and fruitful business.

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