In order to have a K2 finished product that can distinguish itself from its competitors, it should be chosen a pure and stable MK7 ingredient, to minimise the cross reactions with other ingredients/excipients included in the formulation during the whole shelf stability of the product.

In a scenario where different qualities of MK7 active ingredients coexist, stability, isomeric purity and impurities profile of MK7 branded products still remain an open question.

Please ensure that your finished product is a blockbuster in your market, knowing which quality of MK7 you are offering to your customers.

Gnosis has always offered a free-of-charge and confidential analytical service to test the quality profile of K2 products with:
1. Evaluation of the purity profile (all-trans, impurities)
2. Stability in the formulation
3. USP/TGA compliance.

Silvia Pisoni, marketing manager of Gnosis, says: "We can do it because we have a tangible expertise on K2 production, obtained after having spent several years developing a proprietary process based on the fermentation of the Bacillus subtilis natto, culminated in the grant of a patent where the entire process is deeply described.

"We have more than ten years of experience in vitamin K2 production and we sell MK7 without intermediaries and brokers. The strictest and qualified rules are applied during the production to guarantee the highest quality and purity levels of our vitaMK7®, with a liable reproducibility, obtained in our GMP manufacturing plant. We constantly apply the most effective analytical conditions to characterise the profiles of each of our lots and we can do this for you, like no other in the market.

"We are confident that this service helps to shed light on the real quality of the raw materials that are present on the market and will help players to choose the best quality of MK7."

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