Gnosis by Lesaffre is proud to communicate that its manufacturing site, Gnosis Bioresearch S.A. Sant’Antonino Operations (Switzerland), following the inspection held on December 2018 by Shouten Certification B.V., has obtained the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme – module Feed Safety Assurance.

This certification has been released upon international standards and concerns the production of ingredients intended for animal nutrition.

Schouten Certification B.V. is an independent certification body that supports companies in the pet foods and feeds chains with objective and expert audits/inspections.

Sant’Antonino plant also provides process development, scale-up and manufacturing of fermentation based compounds including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Food Ingredients for human consumption.

"We are very proud to include this certification and to help improve animal health," said Lorena Carboni, product support specialist of Gnosis by Lesaffre.

Sant’Antonino plant is authorised by Swissmedic and GMP certified; it has been also inspected by ANVISA (Brazil) and US FDA (International Operations Group Foreign Food Inspection) and is certified Kosher and Halal.