The use of magnesium, especially magnesium citrate, is rapidly growing, which has prompted Israel-based Gadot Biochemical Industries, a global manufacturer of citrate-based ingredients and fortifying minerals and phosphates for the food, beverage industries, to expand its product line of magnesium citrates for food and beverage manufacturing.

Multiple researchers predict global consumption of magnesium citrates will continue to increase, energised by the mounting consumer health and wellness awareness.

Of all the magnesiums on the market, the most bioavailable are those that are organic; in the organic sector, citrate-based minerals provide a high percentage of organic mineral content.

Magnesium citrate, which is both well tolerated and absorbed within the body, participates in most metabolic reactions and helps to promote the production and consumption of energy. As a nutrient, magnesium citrate has many advantages due to its biological properties. Principally, magnesium in its citrate form has high bioavailability.

The growing awareness of the need for higher magnesium consumption to promote good health including sport activities prompted Gadot to develop and expand its product line of magnesium citrates for food and beverage fortification. Gadot’s magnesium citrate, as well as its calcium and zinc citrates, are based on citric acid, a common organic metabolite.

Increased offerings

Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot Biochemical Industries, said: "Citrate-enriched minerals have numerous applications in the beverage and food industries, and their integration serves to enhance the overall quality of products while augmenting bioavailability."

Cohen explained: "Our GADOMAG+ provides high bioavailability, mineral content, and favourable organoleptic characteristics, with an emphasis on solubility and purity. These attributes provide a solution to many of the fortification complexities inherent in the enrichment process."

Gadot’s entire magnesium product line is uniquely suited for the treatment of citrus-based beverages, reducing the amount of acidulants required in some cases. The citrate-based minerals provide the solubility of up to 20% mineral content for liquid products.

In addition to GADOMAG+, the company offers GADOMAG K, a citrate-based magnesium and potassium compound, in the form of a white odourless powder, designed to supplement liquid food products conveniently with a readily absorbable form of magnesium. According to Cohen, it is ideal for use in soy- and dairy-based food and beverage applications.

Gadot also offers GADOCAL+, a highly bioavailable citrate-based calcium source for food and beverage products, notably as a calcium fortifier, acidity regulator and firming agent.

This article originally appeared in Nutraceutical Business Review.