The primary purity of an active ingredient affects its stability, because it minimises the cross-reactions with other substances included in the material offered, even in very small quantities.

VitaMK7, the fermented vitamin K2 as MK7, thanks to its very high purity profile with more than 99% of all-trans MK7 assay, and no unknown impurities, offers the more extended stability in the global market, with four years at room temperature granted in the product specification, and supported by the routinely stability tests carried out on the batches produced.

VitaMK7 also demonstrates a good stability after a short-light exposure, with remarkable assay recovery, supporting even more that "the more the product is pure, the more it is stable".

As a rule, synthetic vitamins K2 show high levels of impurities and – as a consequence – the lowest purity profiles that cannot support the same long periods of shelf-life of vitaMK7.

Choose the purest vitamin K2, choose the most stable!