Gnosis by Lesaffre celebrates the year just pass away with a new video with the major and successful events, thanking all those who contribute to spread science and knowledge about its ingredients.

Exhibitions, scientific speeches and dedicated conferences summarized in a trip around the world to share the quality of Gnosis products: the purity of VitaMK7 – the natural vitamin K2 as MK7, the innovative effectiveness of Quatrefolic – the metabolically active folate and the vegetarian Mythocondro – the first animal-free Chondroitin Sulfate.

These exclusive active ingredients and many others from Gnosis by Lesaffre’s nutritional offering have been introduced in a large number of events, and this was a good opportunity to meet in person and support more closely all our customers, keeping them updated on our products and the latest scientific research.

In 2019, our "Spreading knowledge" project continues with Gnosis by Lesaffre: go on following the company on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

To see the video click on this link below.