Vitafoods Europe 2023, booth H100: AstaReal continues its mission to be a planet-friendly and sustainable business by launching Astaxin® VEGAN. The new product containing natural algal astaxanthin aims to promote good health while alleviating environmental concerns. Nacka (Sweden), April 2023: With its scientifically proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, natural microalgae-derived AstaReal® astaxanthin is well positioned to satisfy current consumer demands: supporting health via effective and sustainable solutions. Demand for vegetarian- and vegan-compliant supplements is increasing globally. To complement daily diets and maintain well-being, many people seek plant-based supplements that promote both physical and mental health. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly concerned about the origins of their purchases and their impact on climate and ecosystems. At Vitafoods Europe, AstaReal will exhibit its extended product range, and demonstrate how supplement manufacturers can better address the current consumer concerns. 

An innovative finished formulation will also be launched at the show. Astaxin® VEGAN, an antioxidant formula that taps into the plant-based market, with the content mirroring Astaxin® Original – including vitamin C and natural vitamin E – but in a vegan softgel made of carrageenan and modified starch. Astaxin® VEGAN will be available in bulk from June and as a retail product from October 2023. 

In addition, expo visitors can try samples of the next-generation vegan starch-based astaxanthin gummies that are sugar-free. Moreover, they will get to know about AstaReal’s bulk products that are registered with the Vegan Society and that are applicable in various supplement dosage forms, including but not limited to, hard capsules, softgels, sachet/stick powder mixes and gels, gummies, and liquid shots. 

 Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid found in high concentrations in the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. It has a unique molecular structure which helps to suppress the damage from free radicals both in- and outside the cell membranes, while demonstrating exceptionally high antioxidant power and no pro-oxidant activities. In the astaxanthin market, the most researched brand is AstaReal® with more than 70 clinical trials showing astaxanthin’s potential to boost muscle endurance and recovery, counteract fatigue, reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, enhance immunity, vision and cognitive functions, and alleviate infertility. 

AstaReal is a global pioneer in microalgae cultivation, and the first producer of human nutritional supplements containing natural astaxanthin. The company believes in transparency that better enables informed choices, especially with regards to sustainability. Peter Ahlm, Head of Marketing and Sales at AstaReal, says: “Sustainability is not only a core value for us at AstaReal, but also one of the key considerations among today’s consumers. This is reflected in the supplements market, with environmentally sound products growing in popularity. Also, in terms of ecosystem preservation, natural astaxanthin is a promising ingredient, as it is derived from fast-regrowing microalgae which are planet-friendly, natural resources. Our mission is to offer the carotenoid in its natural, purest and most stable form to pave the way for truly healthy products with proven sustainability credentials.”