Fi/Hi Europe 2022, booth 7.2K60: AstaReal presents its range of scientifically backed natural astaxanthin products. A special focus is on vegan capsules and its new feed-grade product Novasta® EB15.

Nacka (Sweden), November 2022 – A lingering consequence of the pandemic is consumers valuing their health more deeply than ever before. Many are making a conscious effort to support and enhance it by paying closer attention to their diet and the benefits of supplements. At the same time, there is growing demand for products aligning with the health of our planet. Here, microalgae-derived astaxanthin, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, plays a promising role. AstaReal is the global pioneer in the field, and its ingredients continue to receive multiple scientific and clinical backing. At this year’s Fi/Hi Europe 2022, AstaReal presents its naturally derived astaxanthin in various dosage forms, alongside its recently launched feed-grade Novasta® EB15, a premium ingredient for animal health.

AstaReal offers the most researched brand of natural astaxanthin on the market. Its health attributes are backed by more than 70 human clinical studies, and include improved vision, stronger cognitive function, better muscle health and smoother skin texture. With potent antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties based on its unique protection against free radicals, astaxanthin also has a strong ability to balance and strengthen the immune system.

AstaReal derives natural astaxanthin from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis and offers it in many different forms – as algal biomass, a cold water-dispersible powder or oil extract. At Fi/Hi Europe 2022, AstaReal will present those bulk products and the various innovative dosage forms. These include its vegan softgel capsules, gummies and sachets. Gummies are appealing for their “non-pill” and “on the go” taking, in particular, they promise huge potential for younger consumers and those looking for convenient applications. Moreover, vegan capsules are in tune with plant based trends, which are opening up new market opportunities. Targeting benefits for skin health, muscle performance and vision, the company is well equipped to meet consumer-led demands. AstaReal’s valuable ingredient is also available for animals, as visitors will discover at the show. Its recently launched feed-grade Novasta® EB15 delivers astaxanthin-containing algal flour in a shell of fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil. This encapsulation stabilizes the antioxidant and protects its power even in challenging production processes. This means it can be safely delivered in various kinds of feed formulations, including soft chews and pellets.

Peter Ahlm, Head of Marketing & Sales at AstaReal AB, says: “At AstaReal, we have been producing and researching natural astaxanthin for over 30 years now. This gives us unique insights into its potential for the health and well-being of humans and animals alike. Based on that, we see it as our duty to carve out a special role for it on the market. As astaxanthin naturally aligns with emerging trends, such as a plant-based lifestyle, personalised nutrition, and immune health, we are convinced that its popularity will continue to soar.”

At the fair in Paris from December 6 to 8, AstaReal can be found at their own booth at 7.2K60 and will also be represented at “Try Swedish”, the official Swedish country pavilion at 7.IH70.