Gnosis had the pleasure to host 50 Turkish nutraceutical key opinion leaders in its manufacturing site of Pisticci on 19 October.

The event focused also on the "Advanced Nutrition" concept highlighting the optimal features of vitaMK7®, and included the visit to the K2 fermentation production site: it was a great occasion for them to acknowledge the real value of fermentation-derived K2.

Experts held speeches on the main quality advantages of vitaMK7®, the only vitamin K2 as MK7 naturally derived from the fermentation of the Bacillus subtilis natto, whose strain efficacy and safety are widely demonstrated. The reliable supply chain of our K2 manufacturing site, in compliance with the cGMP, ISO and HACCP rules, guarantees an optimal MK7 with the highest purity (>99%), the real all-trans structure (>99%) and almost no impurities.

Among specialists, we had the valuable support of Prof. Luca Tiano, one of the global leading experts in Vitamin K2 as MK7, who also cooperated with Prof. Gian Paolo Littarru in the release of the new book titled Vitamin K2 – Facts and perspectives in Biology and Medicine, presented during the SupplySide West tradeshow held in Las Vegas last month.

We were delighted to host this great K2 Global Event and we would like to thank the whole group for the interest in our innovative concepts!