German chemicals company Symrise has introduced SymDeo PMD green, a naturally derived deodorising ingredient for cosmetic use against strong body odours.

SymDeo PMD green is an odourless liquid produced under the principles of green chemistry and is suitable for full-body applications, low-fragrance or aluminium-free concepts, and all deodorant formats.

It works well in aerosol sprays, pumps, roll-ons, sticks, creams, and wipes, and its anti-microbial profile shows strong activity against odour-causing gram-positive bacteria.

Also, the ingredient offers anti-irritant properties to benefit the sensitive underarm area, has antifungal properties relevant to skin protection, and is ideal for foot odour products.

Symrise global innovation cosmetic ingredients microbiology research director Steffen Nordzieke said: “We feel excited about SymDeo PMD green, transforming our knowledge into a new, sustainable solution for everyone. This motivates us every day.”

Symrise Skin Protection senior global product manager Florian Genrich said: “Our next-generation pure ingredient fulfils the market demand for new single-ingredient solutions while also offering a more sustainable option in line with consumer trends.

“SymDeo PMD green therefore complements our leading portfolio of deodorants. It is also embodying Symrise’s commitment to offering modern cosmetic ingredient solutions that use renewable sources to enhance consumer confidence.”

In a separate development, Symrise announced its participation in the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) 2024, at the Palexpo site in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the event, Symrise will present Neomagnolan, a further development of the classic Magnolan, and will launch its Iconoclast series, FROSTWOOD and AMBRONOVA.

The company evolved its floral ingredient Magnolan, which was created in the 1950s, by identifying and enriching the isomer, the fragrance component, to create Neomagnolan.

Symrise said that its research specialists developed an ingredient with a brighter and more transparent olfactory profile than its predecessor.

Neomagnolan offers facets ranging from magnolia, geranium, pomelo, peony, and water lily to tea leaves, and provides floral transparency, along with tart citrus and green top notes.