US-based food safety services provider Steritech has partnered with MenuTrinfo, a nutritional and menu consulting company, to provide food allergy assessments for their customers.

The collaboration aims for their businesses and customers, using MenuTrinfo’s AllerCheck Assessments solution, which enables review of more than 30 Allergen Standards.

The solution enables the review of menu preparation, ingredient documentation, employee education, emergency response training and other parameters.

It helps confirm that menu items are prepared with verified ingredients and that operations adhere to proper food safety procedures.

Steritech president Doug Sutton said: “While this point-in-time assessment does not guarantee an allergen-free environment, it underscores to customers that the right knowledge, processes, and safe practices are firmly in place, reflecting a profound commitment to transparency, well-being and inclusion.

“The impartial oversights, provided by Steritech’s Food Safety Specialists, can help uncover potential risks, enable industry benchmarking and drive corrective actions.”

According to FARE, 33 million people in the US, one in 10 adults and one in 13 children, are living with life-threatening food allergies.

The companies partnered to address the growing concerns over food allergens and cross-contact.

Under the partnership, the clients will receive a detailed report with any missed standards.

All the data will be centralised in Steritech’s OnBrand360 portal for monitoring and trend identification across multiple locations.

The approved facilities will receive a certificate with the AllerCheck seal, indicating their compliance with food allergy awareness and preparedness.

MenuTrinfo president Betsy Craig said: “This partnership with Steritech offers a comprehensive solution to a critical and nationwide, food industry pain point, backed by industry expertise and endorsed by leading organizations.

“This solution can help businesses enhance safety protocols, foster trust among customers and demonstrate a leading commitment to food safety and inclusivity.”

Steritech has been providing best-in-class assessments and consulting services to multi-location businesses for more than 35 years.

The company employs more than 450 full-time specialists across the US and Canada, who are trained to understand and assess a brand’s specific standards to provide insights.

MenuTrinfo is a nutritional and menu consulting company that provides CPG programs such as Free From for food allergens, Accredited ANAB AllerTrain and Food Handler Course.

Its offerings include AllerCheck, Vegan Verified, Certified Gluten Free and other services.