Resbiotic Nutrition, Inc. (res), the pioneering physician-developed prebiotic and probiotic wellness brand, proudly announces the nationwide launch of its supplements at GNC, a leading global health and wellness retailer.

res is on a mission of gut restoration with meaningful impact on chronic health struggles. Developed by world-class physicians, res is at the forefront of the gut-x axis, a concept emphasizing the interconnectedness of gut health with various vital body systems. Their flagship product, resB® Lung Support Probiotic, is the world’s first probiotic formulated specifically for lung health, addressing the critical need for respiratory wellness post-pandemic. This groundbreaking supplement is backed by extensive clinical trials, demonstrating its efficacy in improving lung function and overall respiratory health.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, lung health has become a paramount concern for many. The award winning resB® Lung Support is designed to support respiratory health by targeting the gut-lung axis with a combination of proprietary probiotic strains and bioactive botanicals. This innovative approach not only aids in lung function but also enhances overall immune health, making it a vital supplement for individuals ranging from athletes to the elderly who are dealing with chronic lung issues.

“Launching resbiotic supplements at GNC is a pivotal step in our journey to redefine wellness for people with chronic health struggles,” said C. Vivek Lal, MD, FAAP, Founder & CEO of resbiotic. “Our commitment to whole body wellness and scientifically validated supplements aligns perfectly with GNC’s reputation for quality and trust. We are excited to reach more consumers who are looking to restore their gut health and prevent chronic health problems.”

GNC will also carry resbiotic’s prebeet® ENERGY+ Prebiotic, an essential for gut health and metabolic wellness. Harnessing the power of whole beetroot, methylated B12, and prebiotic fiber, prebeet® reduces bloating, curbs cravings, boosts GLP-1 naturally and increases energy.

“We’re thrilled to welcome resbiotic to GNC shelves and that our customers can now access the award winning, clinically tested, pulmonologist formulated lung probiotic and novel GLP-1 prebiotic,” said Mark Butera, Vice President of Merchandising, DMM at GNC. “res is a perfect fit for GNC as we continue to provide the best wellness solutions for our customers’ needs.”

resbiotic products are now available for purchase at GNC stores nationwide and online at, offering customers the convenience of finding their trusted supplements at their favorite health retailer.