Pureture, a US-based biotech company specialising in developing animal-free ingredients, has unveiled a new technology that would enhance the cultivation process of yeast protein.

Last year, the company formulated vegan casein, a tasteless and odourless plant-based milk protein using yeast-based traditional fermentation, which is cheaper than conventional dairy.

The new advancement would play an important role in its alternative dairy production process.

Pureture said that the new technology leverages novel ingredients to enhance yeast growth and activity to reduce cultivation time by up to 30%.

The approach enables time and cost savings in the production of plant-based casein protein, said the biotech company.

Pureture in its statement said: “Plant-based casein protein produced with this innovative technology maintains its emulsifying and thickening properties, making it ideal for use in products such as milk, cheese, and protein shakes.

“Despite the reduced use of additives, these products retain their taste and functionality, meeting the expectations of health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.”

Traditional methods of yeast cultivation are often associated with the challenge of foam formation, which requires the use of antifoaming agents and other additives.

Pureture said that its new technology will eliminate foam formation, thereby reducing the need for such additives.

The new production method addresses the growing consumer demand for Clean-Label products, foods free from additives and artificial ingredients, said the vegan dairy producer.

In addition, the breakthrough represents a significant step towards sustainability in food production.

By improving the production efficiency of plant-based casein protein, Pureture’s technology supports the food industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices.

Currently under patent application in the US, this technology offers a compelling opportunity for food companies seeking to innovate and lead in the Clean-Label market.

Pureture in its statement said: “Inspired by the possibility of enjoying dairy products without any cows on Mars, Pureture’s vision is to create sustainable plant-based proteins that can seamlessly replace dairy proteins.

This emphasis on plant-based ingredients aligns with Pureture’s commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable food production, ensuring the health and longevity of future food sources.

“Pureture’s innovative plant-based protein technology is so advanced that it allows for the enjoyment of dairy alternatives even on Mars, harmonising with the vision of interplanetary sustainability, all without the need for cows.”