Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has opened a new production line for block-type Calorie Mate within its Second Tokushima Factory, to meet increasing demand.

The Tokushima Second Factory, located in the Imagire Industrial Park in Tokushima City, Japan, was established in 1980 to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Calorie Mate was introduced in 1983, as a balanced nutritional food that conveniently provides the five essential nutrients the body needs, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

It was created to meet several needs and scenarios, such as busy mornings, studying for exams, sports, and work, and adapting to changes in times and society along the way.

Otsuka said that Calorie Mate’s sales increased in recent years, building on its ability to address nutritional needs amidst a growing sense of health consciousness.

To meet the growing demand, the company renovated the Second Tokushima Factory to strengthen its production and establish a new production line for block-type Calorie Mate.

The upgrade enhances the production capacity by around 1.5 times that of the existing total output of both the Second Tokushima Factory and Tokushima Wajiki Factory combined.

The newly established production line incorporates new MES and IoT technologies to increase manufacturing and quality control while adopting environmentally friendly equipment.

In addition, the company also introduced robotic devices to help transport heavy materials, ensure all genders work comfortably and reduce the physical burden on the employees.