NEXGEL has partnered with German consumer health company STADA Arzneimittel, to distribute Histasolv, a Diamine Oxidase (DAO) enzyme supplement, in North America.

Histasolv, sold as DAOSIN in Europe, is intended to treat histamine food intolerance, which may cause migraines and headaches, gut issues, and skin conditions.

It was Europe’s top-selling DAO enzyme supplement, generating more than $10m in revenues each year.

NEXGEL CEO Adam Levy said: “After several months of collaboration and planning, we are pleased to announce our distribution of Histasolv, the first product to be released through our partnership with the well-recognized European healthcare leader, STADA.

“Histasolv is one of STADA’s leading consumer products in Europe and stands out as the preferred choice among consumers seeking effective and safe histamine management due to its superior ability to reduce symptoms of histamine intolerance.

“We always strive to offer products that have the potential to disrupt the traditional consumer health industry with innovative formulation and technology, and Histasolv fits perfectly within our business model.”

Histasolv is formulated and packaged to strongly differentiate from its competitor products in the market.

Its unique formulation can endure the upper intestinal tract to deliver the highest potency of DAO, an important digestive enzyme in the body, to the lower intestine where it is needed.

In addition, each Histasolv tablet is individually sealed and preserved with nitrogen in a blister pack and secured in a foil pouch, to enhance its stability and potency.

NEXGEL intends to start selling Histasolv directly to the consumer in the third quarter of this year.

STADA USA chief business officer Patrick Genestin said: “We are delighted to take this important step of expansion into North America. This partnership further strengthens STADA´s role as a partner of choice in consumer healthcare.

“Our strategy of focusing on strong local hero brands in Europe provides a rich assortment of appealing consumer products that are available for licensing.

“With NEXGEL, we are confident we have found a partner with the right strategy and experience and we can imagine expanding our cooperation in the future.”

STADA consumer healthcare EVP Volker Sydow said: “As Europe’s No. 1 DAO enzyme supplement, we are proud to bring our histamine expertise to the North American market, in line with our corporate purpose of Caring for People’s Health as a trusted partner.”