Japanese personal care products provider KOSÉ has teamed up with US-based I Peace and Japan-based Reju to develop personalised beauty products containing iPS cell extract (iPSF).

iPSF is a unique ingredient derived from the customers’ own iPS cells and can be used in personalised beauty products for optimal dosage form and texture to suit the customer’s needs.

Under the collaboration, I Peace will generate, cultivate, and manage customers’ own iPS cells, which will be supplied by Reju, and KOSÉ will manufacture and sell the personalised products.

The partnership aims to begin testing the technical and business aspects of beauty products before the end of this year, in collaboration with medical institutions in Japan.

It will take help from Japanese medical institutions in collecting somatic cells from customers, preparing iPSF-based formulations, and other relevant work.

KOSÉ aims to provide a wide range of cosmetic products tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse customers including different functions and usability.

The company has been exploring the technical and business aspects in the areas of health and cure, elevating its value propositions to holistic well-being.

I Peace is engaged in several businesses, including the supply of clinical-grade iPS cells to pharmaceutical companies and cell and gene therapy developers worldwide.

It also provides iPS cell banking services for individuals, allowing them to store their own iPS cells and has significantly reduced the cost of manufacturing iPS cells.

Reju, under a separate partnership with I Peace, is working on the application of iPS cell component extraction and refining technologies to the areas of beauty and health.

The company is researching and verifying the potential contributions of iPSF, produced through advanced technologies, to cell rejuvenation and longevity.

The three companies will work on a portfolio of personalised beauty products customised to each individual, using iPS cells generated from somatic cells using the customer’s own blood.

In the process, the extracts of the customers’ iPS cells are collected and stored to provide them with beauty products containing extracts of their own iPS cells.

Furthermore, the iPSF derived from the customers’ cells would show high biocompatibility, minimising the risk of adverse reactions.