Kemin Industries has unveiled sciORIAN, a cloud-based data management platform designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in rendering operations while offering strategic insights for business decisions.

The digital solution optimises application systems and provides real-time monitoring capabilities accessible from any location.

With sciORIAN, rendering operations can remotely monitor their systems at any time. The platform includes bulk tank monitoring, allowing operators to check Kemin product levels instantly via computer or smartphone.

Additionally, applicator monitoring features provide an effective dashboard for real-time system oversight, enabling prompt issue identification. Critical warnings and alerts can be automatically sent via email or text based on predefined configurations and role-based access.

Kemin digital solutions associate director Raf Snoekx said: “sciORIAN will help renderers transform their processes with self-optimisation.

“The platform includes responsive application and software support and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable self-optimisation of processes. This can improve agility and reactivity while also improving quality and safety.”

Beyond monitoring, sciORIAN supports data analysis by collecting and analysing data from various sensors. This capability generates new insights into processes, facilitating predictive actions and analytics.

Customised reports and dashboards offer real-time visibility into application systems, potentially reducing operational costs, boosting productivity, and simplifying Kemin product implementation.

Ensuring robust security, sciORIAN incorporates carrier-grade features with end-to-end protection for all stored data.

Kemin emphasises that the platform reflects its dedication to enhancing customer service delivery and supporting operational efficiency, productivity, and agility.

Currently, sciORIAN monitors hundreds of applicator and tank devices, laying the groundwork for data-driven decision-making.

Kemin operates globally across 90 countries, supplying over 500 specialty ingredients to diverse industries. These include human and animal health, pet food, nutraceuticals, aquaculture, food technologies, textiles, crop technologies, biofuels, and animal vaccines.

Earlier this month, the ingredient manufacturer introduced CholiGEM to the US dairy market. CholiGEM is an advanced rumen-protected choline supplement aimed at tackling fatty liver and ketosis in lactating dairy cows.