Gorilla Mind, the highly popular fitness and performance supplement company, has expanded its partnership with GNC, the global leaders in health and wellness, by launching additional new performance nutrition products in multiple categories nationwide after successfully establishing its line of energy drinks at GNC earlier this year.

As the brand continues to grow at GNC, fans and consumers now have access to an expanded offering of seven uniquely differentiated fitness and performance products, as well as a brand-new energy drink flavor option, including:

Gorilla Mode Preworkout, 40 servings, $59.99.
      • Available in Fruit Punch, launching exclusively at GNC, along with Bombsicle, Cherry Blackout, and Mouthwatering Watermelon flavors.

Gorilla Mode Base Preworkout, 30 servings, $34.99.
      • Available in White Gummy Bear, launching exclusively at GNC, along with Bombsicle flavor.

Gorilla Mode Nitric Stimulant Free Preworkout, 40 servings, $59.99.
      • Available in Volcano Burst, launching exclusively at GNC, along with Bombsicle flavor.

Gorilla Mode Premium Protein, 30 servings, $49.99.
      • Available in ~2lb sizes in Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream flavors.

The Gorilla Bar (High Protein Performance Bars), 12-count cases, $39.99.
      • Available in Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies & Cream, and Cookie Dough flavors. Also available in individual bars for $3.69.

Gorilla Mind Smooth Stimulant Free Nootropic, 30 servings, $44.99
      • Available in a 150-count supply, launching exclusively at GNC.

Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin, 60 servings, $49.99.
      • Available in a 180-count supply, launching exclusively at GNC.

Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, Bombsicle Flavor, 12-count cases, $34.99.
      • Also available in individual cans for $3.49.

“The response by GNC customers to our Energy Drinks launch earlier this year has been nothing short of fantastic, so it made sense to further expand the brand with additional performance products and bring several unique flavor offerings as a part of this launch,” said Christoper Deoudes, co-founder of Gorilla Mind. “We received many requests from our fans and followers who wanted to see a larger assortment of our best-sellers, and we couldn’t be more excited to see our brand presence grow on the shelves at GNC, including our most recent Energy Drinks innovation with our new Bombsicle flavor.”

Kevin Maloberti, Vice President of Merchandising at GNC, commented: “Gorilla Mind has quickly become a go-to brand for our customers, and these additional innovations in the preworkout, protein, energy drinks, and health and wellness categories allow us to address several unique usage occasions and need states for active and fitness-minded consumers. This broader assortment, including exclusive flavors to GNC, enhances our ability to meet the diverse need of our customers, and we’re excited to continue building the Gorilla Mind brand and further collaborate on future opportunities together.”