Daiwa Health Development, a US-based natural health and wellness products provider, has rolled out a new dietary supplement called Daiwa GastroImmune to support digestive function and a healthy mucosal immune system.

Daiwa GastroImmune is said to be the next generation of immune system boosters that balances the microbiome and boost overall health.

The dietary supplement is powered by ImmunoLin, an agglomerated powder purified from edible bovine plasma. The plasma has more than 50% immunoglobulins, other peptides, and growth factors which are naturally found in colostrum or milk.

ImmunoLin has a protein mixture, called serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI).

The mixture is produced using a tightly-controlled and highly reproducible process at a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-inspected facility, the natural health and wellness products provider claimed.

Daiwa Health Development VP Hank Cheatham said: “We are excited to introduce Daiwa GastroImmune, which is shown to help restore gut homeostasis, support healthy GI barrier function, bind and neutralise bacterial toxins in the gut and aid in uptake and utilisation of nutrients.

“We believe that providing natural solutions for digestive health is an important part of a holistic approach to well-being.”

As per research studies, various immunoglobulins and proteins found in ImmunoLin are safe and can enhance the nutritional status and digestive health, said Daiwa Health Development.

They lower immune activation via antigen binding mechanisms and boosts the gut barrier function.

Daiwa GastroImmune is available online on the company’s website, at its Amazon store, and in selected retail stores across the US.

Daiwa Health Development, a unit of Japan-based Daiwa Pharmaceutical, aims to provide natural health solutions to improve the quality of life for its customers.