San Diego-based wellness brand Cymbiotika has launched a new product called Nootropic Creamer to enhance cognitive performance and boost morning rituals.

Nootropic Creamer is said to be a fusion of select ingredients, featuring nootropics and vital nutrients.

The product is designed to increase mental clarity and support the growth of the brain with every sip.

The creamer is claimed to work synergistically to bolster brain function, enhance concentration, and deliver sustained energy throughout the day.

According to Cymbiotika, the latest offering enhances morning beverages, whether it’s coffee, tea, smoothie, matcha, or any concoction in comparison to conventional creamers.

Additionally, it is free from artificial additives, dairy, and gluten. It is suitable for health-conscious individuals seeking to elevate their cognitive capabilities, said the wellness firm.

Cymbiotika CEO and co-founder Shahab Elmi said: “We are thrilled to introduce the Nootropic Creamer to our customers.

“Our team has worked diligently to create a product that enhances cognitive function and aligns with our commitment to providing clean, high-quality ingredients.

“The Nootropic Creamer represents our dedication to innovation and our mission to empower individuals to achieve their best health and wellness.”

Nootropic Creamer is made with nootropics like L-theanine for a calming and steady impact, and L-tyrosine to support brain function and cognition.

The product has Alpha GPC, which crosses the blood-brain barrier to foster sustained, composed energy, nurture synapses, and amplify memory retention and overall brain wellness.

The supplement is composed of a Coconut MCT base, organic vanilla essence, organic coconut milk, and Magnesium from Aquamine.

In addition, the Nootropic Creamer is suitable to substitute caffeine and is said to complement various milk choices or serves as a dairy alternative.

Furthermore, each portion contains five grams, yielding 30 servings per container, with 25 calories per serving.

It aligns with keto principles and suits both cold and hot beverages, the wellness brand added.