Partners with University of Georgia and University of Tennessee players for social media milk showdown.

Let the games begin! The Dairy Alliance, a non-profit funded by dairy farmers Georgia and Tennessee, are taking to the field to make dairy milk the real MVP this season. The Dairy Alliance is teaming up with two rivals, the University of Tennessee’s Quarterback Joe Milton and University of Georgia’s Wide Receiver Ladd McConkey, for “The Milk Bowl.” The dynamic duo star in The Dairy Alliance’s marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of dairy milk in relation to sports nutrition

The latest video showcases Milton and McConkey going head-to-head about the benefits of dairy milk’s strength-building protein and hydration. Fans can head to Instagram and vote #MilkBowlStrength with Team Milton or #MilkBowlHydration with Team McConkey. The Milk Bowl’s winning player will be decided on December 3, 2023 based on the most votes.

“Through this campaign, we aim to inspire and encourage a broader audience to embrace the practice of fueling up with dairy milk,” said Geri Berdak, Chief Executive Officer at The Dairy Alliance. “It’s not just about the excitement of the competition; it’s about using this opportunity to spotlight the nutritional benefits of dairy milk, reaching and influencing more individuals towards a healthier choice because with milk everybody wins.”

Over the last two years, The Dairy Alliance has been at the forefront of educating for the advantages of dairy milk and raising awareness about the dairy industry. This has been achieved through very successful NIL collaborations with collegiate athletes, effectively positioning milk as the top choice for post-workout hydration and high-quality protein for recovery.

The two universities will be going head-to-head on Neyland Field on Saturday, November 18th. Milton and McConkey will be driving attention and education to dairy milk’s essential nutrients, recovery benefits, natural electrolytes and carbohydrates, and 8 grams of high-quality protein per glass.

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