BrainMD, a provider of science-based supplements, has launched Smart Creatine+, an instantised creatine monohydrate powder supplement.

Smart Creatine+ was developed by neuroscientist and brain health expert Daniel Amen.

It is an advanced formula that supports cellular energy production and ATP homeostasis enhances brain health, cognitive processing, and memory.

The supplement helps the users achieve their fitness goals, enhance cognitive function, build lean muscle, and experience the power of instantised creatine monohydrate.

Smart Creatine+ comes in a no-bloat, naturally instantised formula that provides fully soluble and highly bioavailable creatine for improved absorption, drinkability, and digestion.

It was formulated with iCreatine, the cleanest and purest instantised creatine monohydrate, to help fuel the body and brain for peak physical and mental performance.

Amen said: “We’re thrilled to introduce Smart Creatine+, a supplement that caters to both body and brain health needs.

“Our goal was to create a high-quality creatine supplement that not only supports physical performance but also promotes cognitive well-being, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive health solutions.”

Earlier this year, BrainMD released Smart Collagen, its advanced new product with two bioactive dipeptides, proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG).

Unlike conventional collagen products, Smart Collagen boasts an unprecedented concentration of the two bioactive dipeptides, 30 times higher than typical collagen supplements.

In clinical studies, the dipeptides showed efficacy in enhancing skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and promoting joint health.

The collagen peptides also provide several benefits for cognitive function, and Smart Collagen becomes a standout product for brain health and well-being.