US-based longevity ingredients manufacturer Bonerge Lifescience has introduced a new Urolithin A ingredient dubbed UroAce for the health supplement market.

UroAce is intended to address the demand for premium Urolithin A ingredients in dietary supplements.

The ingredient is said to have a clean, bright colour which it maintains even in organic solvents.

Beyond the traditional Urolithin A product, UroAce includes derivatives suitable for a wider array of product applications and diverse customer requirements.

The product marks Bonerge’s sixth proprietary product.

Bonerge product manager Allen Ge said: “The market demand of Urolithin A is currently on the rise, with a constant growth trend in the past. Recently, we have seen a significant increase in inquiries about Urolithin A.

“I hope that our UroAce not only meets market demand but more importantly, allows more consumers to experience the health benefits of high-quality ingredients.”

Urolithin A activates mitophagy, a process that removes damaged mitochondria and supports proper cell function.

Scientifically validated health benefits of Urolithin A include enhanced muscle strength, aerobic endurance, and exercise performance.

Urolithin A also extends lifespan of roundworms, surpassing other anti-aging compounds like Resveratrol, Spermidine, and NR.

Additionally, the ingredient promotes haematopoietic stem cell differentiation, which in turn enhances immune health.

It improves neuronal health by boosting cognitive function, reduces neuroinflammation, and prevents neuronal apoptosis.

Furthermore, other ongoing research is exploring additional health benefits of Urolithin A.

Its potential in anti-aging is also being studied to maximise the benefits of anti-aging supplements.