Rousselot®, the world-leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides, demonstrated the versatility of its Peptan® collagen peptides at this year’s China International Healthcare Expo (CIHE) in Guangzhou City.

Visitors to the Rousselot stand learned more about the scientific data that supports Peptan’s efficacy, with a specific focus on the award-winning ingredients’ proven health and anti-aging benefits. Rousselot also highlighted the ways in which the innovative ingredients can support the creation of exciting and appealing products with added functional benefits.

A high-quality protein source, Peptan collagen peptides are natural, highly digestible and bioactive ingredients. Produced using a precise enzymatic hydrolysis process, the peptides provide various unique biofunctional properties not found in other protein sources. At the exhibition, Rousselot highlighted the multiple healthy aging and skin beauty benefits offered by its Peptan collagen peptides, which will be of particular interest to manufacturers targeting regions with growing senior populations, such as Asia.

Peptan’s health and anti-aging benefits have been proven by a convergent body of scientific evidence, including numerous in vivo and in vitro clinical studies. Extensive research has shown that the ingredients can improve mobility by helping to promote healthy bones and joints, as well as supporting muscle regeneration. At CIHE, Rousselot presented the latest study to support Peptan’s efficacy – a placebo-controlled study at Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital. At the end of the six-month trial, patients with knee joint problems recorded reduced joint pain and improved flexibility after daily intakes of Peptan, with almost 90% of volunteers reporting that Peptan had positively affected their joint health. Trials carried out by leading research institutes in France and Japan have also demonstrated Peptan’s ability to rejuvenate skin collagen structure and promote younger-looking skin.

With a neutral taste and colour, Peptan can be easily and cost-effectively incorporated in a wide range of functional food and beverages, as well as nutraceutical and nutri-cosmetic solutions. Rousselot demonstrated the versatility of Peptan collagen peptides in three dynamic applications at the show, including PepTabs, an effervescing tablet containing Peptan for added bone, joint and skin beauty benefits. Peptan will be available to sample in a range of beauty and powder drinks too.

In addition, Rousselot lead a seminar on Peptan and how it can support a healthy lifestyle. The findings of the new joint health study carried out by the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, as well as a recent skin health study carried out in France, were presented at the seminar.